Thursday, 15 August 2013

Independance Day: India's need to evolve

"Today, India is celebrating the 65th year of its independence. To have sustained a functioning democracy with all its flaws for more than 65 years, in a country of more than a billion people who speak scores of different languages, is something of a miracle. Gone are the days of associating India with snake charmers and elephants."

Over these 66 years, India has undergone unaccountable changes, in both socioeconomic, demographics, population...and every other aspect. Some, however few, have been for the greater good, while most have been for the worse. Apparently, and one might argue logically, that these are inevitable in an independent democracy, but a deeper insight will prove this to be a fallacy.
Ever since the constitution of India was framed in 1948; adopted in 1949; and went into effect in 1950, our country has seen leaders of all types- with extremely eloquent degrees or with no education at all, people from political backgrounds or people who had nothing to do with politics rising to power.  Generalizing them on basics of their educational achievements and or family inhered political experience would only demerit their assets. What I could do, rather, would be to classify them according to their achievements in taking India to one step further in development.  However, I'm not a person that likes to take things personal, especially since that would not yield any successful result whatsoever. So instead, I'd like to focus on THOSE problems, that have remained intrinsic over time, and leadership.

FIRSTLY, the problem of rape seems to be highest esteem. The details of it's incentives I've already stated here.

The next, comes the youth unemployment. India has always had a steady youth population. Today, about 35% of the Indian vast population is under the age of 20, that is at the dawn of youth. In today's world when most nations are facing an aging problem, India, however, seems to have a steady rise in the youth section of the citizens. The very next question that arises is, how can a country with such immense youth power, be crippled with problems like poverty. illiteracy, or worse yet a steady rise in the youth suicidal rate? The answer is also equally simple:
How can the youth give their best to the country when they are already burdened with and pushed to the very edge of their resources by the society, educational system, religious dogmas, government, and a larger part of the "older and mature people" ?

Since this is a blog about the problems of India, I'd not go into details of the aforesaid problems of the youth, but a short description should be enough.


Not everyone wants to be an engineer or doctor now, do they? But yes, they do, in India. Or at least they are made to do.
No classroom teaches creativity, yet what is education without imagination?
Even people with decent degrees are often denied of a decent life. Is this what we signed up for through Independence and democracy?

Thirdly, the problems of trafficking, child laborers, starving to death are increasing each and every day. But these problems are half-problems based off of the greater larger devil, the POPULATION EXPLOSION.

Fourth and the most important of al of these, to me, is the population explosion. India is said to be the largest democracy in the world. Satirically, Indians tend to take it as a compliment. I am often buffed at how this could a source of pride. The population explosion and illiteracy is inter dependent. Illiterate people tend to unsafe-sex, and unsafe-sex leads to children. These children, often are targets of poverty and they too are deprived of an education.
Another cause of this is the religious dogmas. I mean seriously, how often have we heard that  


Summing it up, this great democracy and independence has begun to lose it's value and pseudo science have the place of science. Re zoning agricultural lands has taken the name of advancement . Elections are being run to compete for corruption. I know we, as simple citizens have a very small stance, but we are what makes this country. Evey small step counts!
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