Monday, 15 July 2013

Rape: The Hidden Incentives

In India,the problem of rape has always been steadily persistent, but the recent rise is somewhat uncanny and perhaps to some level mysterious. Statistical reports state that, every 22 minutes a girl child and or woman is raped in India; but the surprising fact is that only a few and or almost non existent part of the victims actually report this to the police. Obviously the causes relate from threats by the miscreants to the victim's family to the in born society pressure which somehow gives rise to the victim's psychology- the concept that they might be made a social outcast. The rise in rape has always been steady, but this sky rocketing of this menace is certainly not the outcome of excess media exposure or lowered pubertal age. Whatever it may be, what we do know is that it is a clear indication of the recent exhibition of pedophilia and perversion  in our so called "modern" society. Now, I won't go through the details of these unfortunate incidents and give drastic descriptions about them; because that is even worse than rape itself. It would be a crude advertisement of one's personal and intimate misfortune, in the hope of punishing the unjust; which would most likely only end up as a steamy topic for the suited gentlemen who are the supposedly specialists in these cases. For, I believe, if any of you readers are truly interested in the details, Google is a good option.

So, what we are going to ponder over, instead, in this discussion is the most important question of all time relating to rape. Yes, it is indeed The Causes, which is perhaps even more important than the incidents and their effects. A problem can be solved, but it is best eradicated at the roots. It is not something natural for young men to turn into pedophiles out of the blue. There is always a cause, a misinterpreted concept- a sickly twisted ideology that only makes sense to the offenders. But then, again, that may cause one man to go astray and act inhuman; but it can never cause an epidemic like the one we are experiencing today. The cause is something obvious, yet surreptitious. Something we all know but choose to be oblivious to.

Since the  dawn of era; men and women had lived in harmony, and at times disputes have broken out. It was not because of their differences- be it physical or psychological, but because disputes are a important part of every relationship. But despite being called "equal" on all grounds and rights, the line between them had never been bridged, when it comes to giving respect.Why is it that- only until recently- women were confined to the four walls and entitled to spend their lives doing household chores and pleasing their better halves? Is it really the type of respect one would crave for? We say prevention is better than cure, and yet we look upon women as the weaker sex, the one in constant need of preservation and protection like a precious piece of possession. Why not prepare them to fend their own problems? Or better yet, are they really that insecure as we take them to be?
It is because, everyone loves an upper hand; men are no exception. They are no different than the monarchs or priests that ruled realms centuries ago. However, this concept have been done with, thankfully I might add; but the remnants have been left and is now passed over with time. Truly, some things are just not to kibosh.

Rape is not something someone does out of the blue, it is the outburst of built up sexual tension of long time and the concept of using the easily disposable weaker sex comes into play. This is because from our  grammar book to our hearts, women are still the weaker sex. We have never accepted them as our equal, deep down. Because it cannot be bridged by job or marriage privileges. BECAUSE, deep down we all could never deny that we will always give preference to the insecure girl. For that guarantees dedication, apparently. Insecurity and femininity has become synonymous. From video games to hit movies, a damsel in distress is always a juicy and sensitive spot for the audience.

As a final word, I'd like to say that , dealing with this matter in a hectic way is not advisable. The rapists are not the only potential threats but if this psychology persists new ones will keep emerging everyday. Banning porn sites or covering up women and commenting on their dresses won't help. What we need instead is  a clear idea about sex and sex education, and a society where everyone gets to understand the true potential of this menace. For our goal is to create an environment where people will abstain through their morals and not laws.
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